Review 2016


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Below is a list of some of the activities 1st Laleham Scouts have enjoyed so far during 2016.

For a list of future events see the Scouts Diary page.


There are a few basic photos of the events in the photo section of this site.


15th to 17th January 2016 - FROST CAMP

4 Scouts, plus 2 adults attended the County winter activity camp at Bentley Copse.

The activities included standing and prone air rifle shooting, archery, air pistols, climbing, abseiling, adventure course, crate stacking,  and backwoods cooking.

Some photos in the Photo Album section of this site.



Pancakes 29th January


A bit early so we could make use offer of the shooting range on 5th Feb. 



5th February - Shooting


Thank you to 1st Staines for the use of their shooting range..



February - Master of Arms District Competition


Team of 4 archery then shooting.


Combined Results

6th Staines (221 A + 49 S)

1st Stanwell A (184 A + 60 S)

8th Ashford A (182 A + 56 S)


1st Laleham (115 A + 72 S) – 6th place


Samuel was our best shot, he was placed 5th in each activity.


March 19th  - Annual district Night Exercise

The event involves navigating to bases on Chobham common using an OS map and compass then taking part in a quiz or task at each base.  Laleham leaders organised the 1st aid base.


This year with a reduced number of team the event ended earlier and the Scouts did not sleep over at HQ.


The Lalaham team did not manage to get to all bases, and were 5th.


8th Ashford A – 52 points

1st Stanwell B – 50

8th Ashford B – 50

1st Stanwell A – 48

6th Staines – 46

1st Laleham – 40 <<<<<

7th Ashford A - 32



April 16th / 17th - Windsor Camp


Bus to Old Windsor, then hike. A one night stop.  Open fire evening meal.  The Scouts took day packs, the equipment was taken to and from by car.  A step towards the Expedition Badge.  A few photos in the Photo Album section of this site.



April 24th - St George's Parade


Thank you to those who attended.  There are pictures on the distict Facebook account SpelthorneDistrictScouts


May 6th to 8th - Annual Canal Trip

As in previous years Barry booked the two boats from LNBP.

Travel to the boats on Friday evening, sleeping on the boats in their moorings in Braunston.

Safety talk on Saturday, then a day of travel.  Including many sets of locks and 2 tunnels.

In the evening the boats were turned and we moored up for the night.  Sunday return trip.

Shannon was invested on the roof of a boat.  Return to Laleham Sunday evening.

Some photos in the Album section of this site..



May 27th - Hex Stoves


Thank you to Martin for his support during the evening.

After a brief chat about Hexamine and how to handle it, the Scouts cooked a selection of sausages, bacon, eggs and pancakes.

Most of the groups needed to make simple stoves.

After eating and washing up, Zahra and Shannon kindly made everyone pancakes using the hut cooker.



Welcome booklet

The Scouts thought of the information needed by the group and by new Scouts.  This resulted in the welcome booklet, available for download on this site.


Disability awareness

We have had a brief look at sight and hearing.  We looked at Brille cards, and trying a mini course and putting butter and jam on bread when blind folded.

We looked at the British Deaf sign alhpabet and tried charades.


25th - 26th November

The district Bivi Camp.  Big thank you to Paul for his help.  A mild night, for November.  Campiing out in self built shelters using rope and tarpaulin.  Cooking on an open fire.