Following the 3 NP roadshow events the interests forms have continued to arrive from all areas within the community.  We have had a fantastic response.  Thanks to all

For those who could not attend the events a copy of the presentation given by Chris Bowden can be found here Navigus NP Launch Presentation and the vidoe viewed at  It's not too late to get involved.  Click to download an Interests form

An analysis of the forms has taken place and the interests listed covers a wide range of topics.  These have fallen broadly into the following groups: housing, transport and traffic, retail and employment, education, healthy living, environment, energy and conservation and recreation, arts and culture.  It is important to note that we have to have a starting point to begin the group process, they are not necessarily set in stone, but we have to start somewhere. Once groups start working there may well be overlaps, where the groups may decide to work jointly on different aspects of an issue, or indeed smaller groups may wish to merge if they find they have enough in common.  Groups will agree on a group leader and that leader will become a member of the NP steering group where issues such as these can be discussed on behalf of the group they represent.

I will be contacting everyone who returned forms in the next few days to ensure we are all in the communications loop, and then in the next few weeks with more details relating to group membership.  We are endeavouring to have the group training session with Chris from Navigus in early May.





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