About the Club

Walton Art Club meet nearly every Wednesday evening from the beginning of September through to the end of June each year. The evenings start at 7pm and run until 9.30pm.

Whether you are interested in oils, acrylics, watercolours, pen or pencils, why not come along and give it a try. There is a wide range of skills and mediums brought to each evening by our members, and there is always someone on hand to give help and advice. We are sure that you will enjoy the evenings and come back for more. And, who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones to sell a painting at one of our Exhibitions.

Our Aim

The aim of the club is to help people to enjoy art in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. There is no vetting so anyone can join as long as they have an interest in art. The annual membership fee is £25 (see the Contacts page) and there is a £2 fee for each evening. On the first Wednesday of most months we invite a guest artist to give a demonstration and non-members are very welcome to attend. For these evenings, we have an admission charge of £4. Tea, coffee and biscuits are available during the interval.

If you want to join or find out more

Please use the Contacts page as 'joining' this website has no effect and is not checked very often!

History of the Club

The Club was launched in 1960 when a group of budding artists completed a session of adult education, and wanted to continue to belong to a group but without the ongoing expense and repetition of the classes.

Upcoming event

Painting evening - theme is 'beach'

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Suggest mixed media.