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Surrey map, 1620.  SHC Ref M/633



Surrey Parish Records are Online at ancestry.co.uk


Have you been to the excellent 'Exploring Surrey's Past' website lately?  Click here and insert 'Tatsfield' into the 'Search Website & Collections' window to see what a wealth of material about Tatsfield is held by the Surrey History Centre.

The Tatsfield History Project

This project was developed by the team responsible for the publication of 'Tatsfield - the First 2,000 Years' in 1999.  This book is now out of print.  Copies can, however, be borrowed from Surrey County Council libraries under reference LOC 942.2TAT.

An archive based on the records of Tatsfield Parish Council has been expanded to include more than 2,000 items about or referring to Tatsfield.

The archive catalogue is accessible from the menu on the left.  Enquiries about the details of individual items and requests for copies should be sent to the email address below.  Burial records from 1870 until 2004 are available on request.

Information about the history of Tatsfield is also available at the Caterham and District Local History Centre  (formerly the North Tandridge Local History Centre) in Caterham Valley Library.

The Surrey History Centre can provide more information online, as can the  National Archives.  

The first documented reference to Tatsfield was in the Domesday Book.

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Future plans:The Tatsfield History Project continues. If you have lived in or near Tatsfield, or have any background information, photographs or any other material which you think might interest us, please get in touch through the email address below or by leaving a telephone message on +44 1959 577376. We are particularly interested in any deeds relating to sales of property in Tatsfield between 1830 and 1870. 

We are aware of only one other “Tatsfield” - in Saskatchewan, Canada.  The book ‘What's In a Name, The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names’ says that Tatsfield was the second last grain point on a Canadian National Railway branch line that runs from Battleford to Carruthers and that when the Grand Trunk Railway built the line they chose to honour one of their officials and they named the point Tatsfield."  The Canadian Tatsfield is described as a railway hamlet in the electoral district of The Battlefords, Saskatchewan, from about 1910 until 1950. That Tatsfield had a Post Office from 1920 until 1951.   According to Lucille Bullerwell of the Clayton McLain Memorial Museum in Cut Knife, the grain elevators at Tatsfield were torn down and the ground levelled. The last one was demolished in the 1980's.  The museum is hoping to develop a display of the elevators that existed in the area. Most have been demolished except for a few that have transferred to private ownership.   

Archive Catalogue
The Tatsfield History Project has transcribed relevant details from 19th century census returns  and directories.   We are now able to respond relatively quickly to email requests for searches for Tatsfield names (Please include ‘Looking for a Tatsfield name’ in the subject line to avoid your email being consigned accidently to the ‘spam’ bin.)

 Our email address is: