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The results of our Progressive Forum are making waves nationally!


At a packed meeting on 6th May, a wide cross section of Compass supporters and others interested in securing a single progressive candidate to contest the general election against Jeremy Hunt in SW Surrey voted overwhelmingly to support Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party as a unity, progressive alliance candidate.


The campaign begins now.




The meeting was a groundbreaking moment for the 2017 general election campaign in South West Surrey. Jeremy Hunt is a deeply unpopular MP among many of his constituents, who hold him responsible for the current sorry state of the National Health Service. He is a pro-Remain Tory who has now become an apologist for Teresa May's hard line on Brexit.

Jeremy Hunt is now facing a serious challenge from a highly capable and articulate GP who is well accustomed to taking him on and fighting for keeping our National Health Service as a high quality, well funded public service, providing world class healthcare for all, free to the user at the point of use.

Louise already has a strong team around her of experienced people from Labour, LibDems and Greens and those with no party political affiliation who are determined to help her to bring about the shock result of the 2017 general election. Louise's success has been brought about by a critical mass of committed and caring progressive people who have thrown party tribalism to the wind and united behind the candidate best placed to defeat Jermey Hunt.

South West Surrey can do a service for the country by holding Jeremy Hunt to account for the damage this government has done to the health service, and replacing him with a member of parliament who is truly passionate about the health service and who will promote policies of care and compassion and social justice.


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