Peace on Earth                        

2012 has been an amazing year. For the Royals, such celebrations as Street Parties and more showed love for our Queen and her service to our nation.

And yet more celebrations, this time for the sport inspired people, who saw an amazing spectacle of Olympic and Paralympic excellence in the wonderful Olympic Park and more.

Cycling became a great spectator sport as the Tour of Britain came through our parish streets, and Andy Murray at last won a championship. The great days rolled on and on.

In the church there was an historic vote on the possibility of Women Bishops. This negative vote has become a huge pastoral and social issue, yet the main percentage of the C of E is to support the possibility and values women’s ministry in the church. The role of women cannot be highlighted more than the part Mary plays in the greatest story ever told. She not only is the Mother of Jesus but also has a consistent part to play and is present at the Crucifixion. At this time of year we celebrate the great part Mary has and rejoice that Christ born of Mary is worshipped and adored.

This year we have many opportunities in Milford to celebrate.

At St Johns we rejoice with Faith and Fellowship.







   Happy Christmas

   Clive Potter              





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