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If you are a students or young person that attended a Safe Drive Stay Alive performance this November, please complete the online evaluation.

My last pupil today was from Reigate Grammar and saw the show. Here is some hot off the press feedback:

He was very moved by it and said that all who had seen it were very emotional. He was surprised how impactive it was across the board with all of his friends and said it has changed his view of driving and made him rethink his attitude about challenging others. It made my job easier because his comment was " I can see what you mean now!" His mum confirmed the effect on him.

So any doubts about the changes you made guys should be put aside as the totally independent critic today said it was a resounding 'hit' .

Good job guys, hope to see you on Friday.

Kindest regards

Roy Orr
R&D Driver Training
5 November 2014

If you want to find out more about the people featured in the new films, go to the Film Biographies page of our website.

Richie DJAudience frontRowan RobertsSimon Down - Roads Police OfficerTrevor Coldman - FirefighterFiona Would-ParamedicKaty Jones-A&E DoctorBecci Hey-Mother of JoshElaine Barraud-Mother of TimBen Mulholland DriverCast-line-up-CloseAudience-End of performance

What is Safe Drive Stay Alive?

Safe Drive Stay Alive is a series of live educational performance events featuring a series of films and live speakers.

These emotional, engaging and thought provoking performances feature people recounting their stories and the many serious, long term impacts to themselves and all those around them. Each new film features a true story, told by the persons directly affected by a road traffic collision. After each film a series of live speakers, from the emergency services, take to the stage - police officer, paramedic, firefighter and A&E doctor or nurse - to speak about their experiences at the scenes of road traffic collisions and how these have affected them professionally and personally.

The raised awareness doesn't stop there. Volunteer members of the public - mothers, fathers, siblings, young drivers - also take to the stage to give their personal stories about how their lives have been affected by a fatal collision. Real stories of life, tragic loss and regret leave the air heavy with emotion and impress upon the audience that their future really is in their hands.