Leatherhead Swimming Academy

Leatherhead Swimming Academy is part of Leatherhead Swimming Club.  Leatherhead Swimming Academy aims is to offer high quality swimming lessons with a maximum of 8 swimmers per teacher for stages 1-10. The Academy has a clear progression from learn to swim all the way through to club level.



Leatherhead Swimming Academy runs on a Friday evening and Sunday afternoon at St Theresa’s School, RH5 6ST. The 25m pool has excellent changing facilities and a viewing gallery that looks over the whole pool.



All our swimming lessons are in accordance with the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming.



   Stage 1 - for those who have not had any swimming lessons previously, MUST BE 3 YEARS+.

   Stage 2 - learn to travel 5 metres without support on their front and back.

   Stage 3 - progress to swimming 10 metres on their front and back.

   Stage 4 - learn the importance of good kicking and streamlining skills over 10 metres.

   Stage 5 - learn correct technique over 10 metres on front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

   Stage 6 - progress to swimming all strokes with correct breathing and one stroke correctly over 25 metres.

   Stage 7 - learn to swim 25 metres using correct technique on all four strokes and also for 100 metres.

   Stage 8 - learn to swim 400 metres correctly and also learn the correct turns for all four strokes.

   Stage 9 - progress to swimming 800 metres using correct technique and also learn the correct starts for all strokes.

   Stage 10 - complete 1500 metre swims and develop 200m Individual Medleys including the correct turns.



Swimmers will be taught by fully qualified ASA teachers and coaches. Leatherhead Swimming Club coaches will also be assessing swimmers to select those suitable to join Leatherhead Swimming Club’s performance squads.


For enquiries regarding the Swimming Academy, please complete the Joining Enquiry Form and we will be in touch.