What are we organising next?

LAST UPDATED: February 21, 2017

Below are details about some forthcoming GFA-related events, in chronological order 


(Note: you may also like to click here to be taken to a web page of the British German Association, with details of some of their forthcoming events).

1. Annual Association Dinner - Thursday, March 30,  2017: 18:30 for 19:00

Following the successful event in recent years our Social Secretary, Frauke Burge, has arranged a dinner for members and friends in the Park Room Restaurant, on the Guildford College campus.


As in other years, the dinner will feature a range of German dishes specially devised for us by the final-year catering students at the College; those who have attended previous events will know what a very good job they have done.


We are sure that this year’s meal will come up to the same high standard -- the menu is attached, here.


The cost will be £20 per person, excluding wine (including a gratuity for the students).


Please return the application form (here) by March 17 at the latest to Frauke Burge, together with:

  • your cheque;
  • a copy of the menu with your choices marked on it; and
  • a stamped addressed envelope for your ticket(s).

Thank you!
2. Partner Cities Market in Freiburg: June 19-25, 2017
The Association is arranging a visit to Freiburg in the summer of 2017, for members and friends, timed to coincide with Freiburg’s June 23 & 24 Partner Cities Market when, alongside Freiburg’s eight other twin cities, we will be running a stall in the Rathausplatz to promote Guildford and its attractions.
Our group will have:
  • a guided tour of the Town;
  • a tour of Vauban, the renowned environmentally-advanced settlement; and
  • a dinner with our friends in the Freiburg Anglo-German Club. 
Visits to the Schauinsland mountain, the Titisee lake, the Black Forest and other local places of interest can also be arranged.
Various cultural activities will also take place, in association with the Partner Cities Market.
Some Association members plan to be in Freiburg from June 19-25, but of course those joining the trip are free to vary those dates for themselves, if they wish.
It is almost certain that not enough Association members and friends will be taking part to enable us to go by coach, so people will need to make their own travel arrangements: there are flights to Basel, and an airport bus from there to Freiburg; alternatively travel by train is also possible, e.g., with a direct TGV link from Paris to Freiburg (in addition to the rail link from Basel).
We expect that our group will stay at the Schwarzwälder Hof, a comfortable family-run hotel in the city centre close to the Münster, where groups from the Association have stayed many times. The hotel charges about €75 for a single room, and €95 for a double.
Some people have already signed up for the trip and if you are interested in joining us let me know by January 23.
Please phone the Chairman if you would like to discuss the arrangements, or else use e-mail, addressed to: guildford.freiburg@gmail.com.