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Berkeley Homes/Howard of Effingham Joint Venture

Drop in Exhibitions

Saturday 12 July, 9.30-1.00pm, KGV Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham

Friday 18 July, 6.30-8.30pm, KGV Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham  


Following the drop in exhibition at 26 April 2014, the Parish Council encourages all residents to come along to the above dop in exhibtions. You can view initial proposals for the re-siting of the school and see the proposals for the housing required to fund this. Representatives from Berkeley Homes and the Howard of Effingham School will be there to discuss plans and answer questions. 

Please click here to view preliminary comments sent by the Parish Council to Guildford Borough Council, Without Prejudice, on housing provision, design requirements and Section 106 contributions on for any future planning applications.    

The Parish Council is chairing a liaison group to discuss issues and proposals regarding the proposed joint venture between Berkeley Homes and the Howard of Effingham School to allow consideration and mitigation of any possible issues and areas of concern and to input to any Section 106 proposals on behalf of the village. These discussions are Without Prejudice, meaning that all discussions taking place are separate from any Parish Council assessment of future planning applications and will have no impact on the decision of the Parish Council regarding an application. Representation from GBC Planning department attends all meetings and all meeting minutes are publically.

Please click here to view the minutes from the first HoE Liaison Group meeting at 3 June 2014 and here for the draft minutes for the meeting at 20 June 2014.






The consultation on Guildford Borough Council's (GBC) Local Plan has now finished. The Parish Council submitted a full response to GBC and this can be viewed here or at the Parish Room. To keep up to date on the results of the Local Plan consultation and what happens next, keep an eye on the Guildford's Local Plan website. Please click here to view a letter sent by the Parish Council in April to the Leader of Guildford Borough Council and here to view a follow up letter sent to GBC in May.









Guildford Borough Council (GBC) have offered short term relief on Council Tax and Business Rates for any properties that have been damaged by the recent flooding. Contact GBC to make a claim.


The Government are also offering grants of up to £5,000 to owners of properties that have been flooded so that flood resilience work can be carried out. This is not for damage repair work but for any improvements that would help prevent flooding of a property in the future. Contact GBC to make a claim.





All households will have received a copy of the chairman's Newsletter in April. The newsletter has information on the latest progress on the Village Plan, Guildford's Local Plan consultation, the Green Belt Reviews and the Howard of Effingham proposal.  

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COMMONERS' DAY 2014 - Sunday, 28 September 2014


The next Commoners' Day event is planned for Sunday 28 September 2014, 12.00-4.00pm. All residents are invited to come and visit the Common and learn about its history. It is planned to have guided walks, countryside skills and activities, refreshments and, of course, see the animals exercising their grazing rights.




EXHIBITION on the FIRST WORLD WAR - Saturday, 22 November 2014


Effingham Local History Group presents an exhibition on "The People of Effingham in the First World War". There will be many new photographs and narratives to see and there will also be talks and refreshments. King George V Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham 2-5pm. Admission free.

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The Parish Councillors, Chairman and Vice-Chairman serving for the current electoral year 2013-14 are listed here.

The Chairman's New Year Report for 2012-13 can be downloaded (as pdf) here and the full-year Chairman's Report for 2012-13 here.



There is currently one vacancy for the position of co-opted Parish Councillor on the Parish Council.

Further details of this vacancy can be viewed (as pdf) here.

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As announced in the last Chairman’s Report, Effingham Parish Council has embarked on an exciting project to plan the future of the village, which will need residents’ help. This is explained here.
Our first step was to register successfully the parish as a Neighbourhood Area with Guildford Borough Council. The application can be viewed here and here.

A form on which you can write your comments to hand in at Effingham Parish Room or GBC is here.

A summary of the details of what the Village Plan will include, and the different stages of putting it together can be viewed here.
A separate website has been set up specifically to cover the evolving Village Plan.

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The galleon used as this website's logo is the emblem of both the Parish Council and the village. It is the Ark Royal, the flagship of the English fleet in which Lord Howard of Effingham successfully faced the Spanish Armada in 1588. Sir Walter Raleigh had the ship built at Deptford in 1587 for his own use, but before launch she was purchased by Queen Elizabeth I for £5,000. Today’s HMS Ark Royal, 5th to bear the name, is still flagship of the ‘Senior Service’ – the navy. An emblem to live up to!


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