Member of the National Organisation of Residents' Associations

The association aims to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of the Bourne,  Farnham.                                                                                                              


  • Review planning applications
  • Keep an eye on highways, footpaths, public spaces, tree preservation orders and the stream
  • Encourage measures that support local shops and businesses
  • Lobby authorities on matters that could adversely affect quality of life in the Bourne.
  • Independently monitor potential threats to locally listed buildings.


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     Bourne Green and Tennis Courts

                       The Bourne Green and Tennis Courts                                                                                                                                                                   



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Farnham in Bloom visit the Bourne...

On Wednesday 16th July the judges from 'South and South East in Bloom' will be visiting Farnham to judge them on their efforts for the 2014 competition. As part of this they will be visiting The Bourne. They will be visiting the Cross Roads at around 14:30 to see the great work that has been completed in the heart of our community. They will also visit the Community Garden on Middle Bourne Lane. 

None of this would be possible without the involvement of our local community which has been bought together by The Bourne Residence Association & Bourne Conservation Group.

If you would like to get involved please come and see us at The Bourne Show this coming weekend on Saturday 19th July on the Bourne Green.


What is Farnham in Bloom?

Farnham in Bloom is the title of our entry into the annual South and South East in Bloom. It is an event that takes place throughout the year and involves local people and community organisations making lasting improvements to the town and surrounding villages. 


The competition is about more than flowers. Entries are judged on:
•Horticultural achievement
•Environmental responsibility, and
•Community participation


Getting involved in Farnham in Bloom 2014

In 2014, Farnham is entering the Large Town and Town Centre categories of South and South East in Bloom. The town has also been nominated to represent the south east in Britain in Bloom 2014.


Filming in the Bourne Woods

Filming will be moving into the Bourne on Monday and after a meeting last week with Natural England, we wanted to let you know herras fencing will be going up around the sloped areas.  The purpose of the fencing is to keep the film company's workers off the lizard habitat.  People may still walk where they wish, but we recommend you stay off the heather areas as there are adders around at this time of year.  Also the lizards will have laid their eggs on the banks.

When the film company leaves in July we will keep you informed of any work that is carried out on the lizard habitat.

The film company has now applied for planning permission for filming on the RSPB part of the bridleway.

You can view this planning application via the WBC website:

Proposed closure of The Bourne Post Office UPDATE

As we mentioned at the AGM the threat hanging over our local Post Office continues.

What's the current situation? Minesh (who owns the Bourne Stores) has told the Post Office that he is unable to afford to implement two of the major changes that the Post Office are insisting on as part of the new contract going forward. These two conditions are that Minesh and family would have to...

  • Open the Post Office at all times when the shop is open
  • Make the counter and ‘secure-area’ changes that the Post Office are currently requiring; the work would involve removing a party wall and some under-pinning estimated at a cost of around £60k. The Post Office have offered a maximum capital contribution on their behalf of £10k

The Post Office has also been told that there is no other trader in the area is interested in taking the venture on. The ball therefore is back in the Post Office’s hands. It is up to them to decide how long to allow the status quo to continue. There doesn’t seem to be any clarity from the Post Office on timescale and which area is going to be moved over to the new style first. They have not given Minesh any indication that they are going to require him to comply or close down by any known date. Minesh feels that it would probably be best to wait and see what the Post Office come back with before activating a mass campaign to prevent the closure; there may be some additional negotiation to be done now that the Post Office know there is no alternative solution in the Bourne. The Post Office have repeatedly and publicly stated that they do not want to close or force the closure of any local branch so there may be a Plan B that hasn't been made public. If not, then a co-ordinated campaign between all users of the Post Office, The Bourne Residents Association, and other local interested groups (I.e. everyone) will be launched. Councillors Martin Lear and Carole Cockburn have already unequivocally expressed their support to help keep a Post Office in the Bourne.


We will keep you updated as and when we know more.

New Bourne cross road signage

A new sign has been errected over in the past week. This is something the Bourne Beautification project has been working to get in place. I think you'll agree it is looking very good.



2013/14 AGM

This years AGM took place on Wednesday 23rd April. The evening was really successful with a number of local residents there. We will post the minutes from the AGM as soon as they are ready.

We would like to thank St Martin's Church for allowing us to hold our meeting in their premises. 

The Minutes of the meeting are available via the following link: 2014 AGM 


Proposed development of Langhams Court in Ridgeway Road


Proposed closure of The Bourne Post Office


Proposed Parking Restrictions for South Farnham



Bourne Woods

Planning was granted at The Western planning meeting on the 30th October. There were many conditions attached . Please go to left hand column and look under Bourne Woods Planning Conditions. These conditions have yet to be finalised by The Forestry Commission.



Association email address:


Bourne Beautification Project. Please look under Bourne Beautification in left hand column


Our tubs brightening up Lower Bourne



The association aims to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of The Bourne, Farnham